Biotech Tire Recycling | A Cradle to Cradle Tire Recycling Model

Biotech Tire Recycling Inc. was founded in response to the Global pollution and public health problems created from discarded waste tires in landfills and waterways. These pollution problems are created by people. Only people can fix them. Biotech Tire recycling aims to cleanly recycle 100% tire composites for reuse in manufacturing new products. The cradle to cradle approach is focused on creating a cyclical process to facilitate a sustainable recycling strategy that mimics the natural regenerative cycle of nature in which waste is reused repeatedly.

The images below attempts to express the cradle to cradle approach, beginning with the rubber plant, to the manufacture of tires, and its end of life options - discarded in landfills or waterways versus recycled to recover its composites to manufacture new products. We hope you enjoy the story.

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