Biotech Tire Recycling Inc. | A Biofriendly Recycling Process

Updated: May 5

A Public Benefit Project in Response to Environmental Pollution and Climate Change

Biotech Tire Recycling is a "Patent Protected” 100% green tire recycling process designed to cleanly recycle 100% tire composites for reuse in Manufacturing new products. It is a $16,000,000 project to be built in the Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania. The objective of our first fund-raise of $5,000,000 and purpose of funds are to meet immediate milestones including:

· soft cost, permits, engineering and environmental reports,

· feasibility report, Property acquisition, and criteria for…

Second round raise of $11,000,000 municipal bond (debt equity) for the acquisition of machinery systems and equipment purchase working Capital and reserves.

Will you join me, Let's do this together...!

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