Biotech Tire Recycling Inc.

Pittsburgh,PA  4/27/2021 Press Release

Cleanly Recycling 100% Tire Composites


The biotechnology behind Biotech Tire Recycling was invented ~2002 by a chemist/farmer who died before taking his invention to market. The biotechnology  for recycling tires was developed in response to the Global environmental pollution and public health problems created from discarded waste tires in landfills and waterways by people. Only people can reverse this trend. In 2019 I purchased the rights and patents to this innovative invention; and set out to redevelop and launch Biotech Tire Recycling.                                      


       The project is a $16,000,000 project to be built in the Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania and will provide 35 good paying jobs. Our fundraising objective, and purpose of first round-raise of $5,000,000 are to meet immediate milestones including: soft cost, permits, engineering and environmental reports, feasibility report, property acquisition, and to meet criteria for…Second-round raise of $11,000,000 municipal bond (debt equity) for the acquisition of machinery systems and equipment purchase and,working Capital and reserves.


As we move toward launching this project, If you drive a car, if you are concerned with the air you breath, if you are concerned with the water you drink, I am asking you to pitch in. Join me and invest what you can in Biotech Tire Recycling. Spread the word.


I am also interested in support from industry professionals, to enter non binding expressions of interest to Supply tires (feedstock) and … Purchase crumb rubber, rubber powder, steel beads, steel fiber, and nylon fiber. Written non binding expressions of interest from industry professionals is important because it will underscore the existing need, and potential demand to help investors understand the potential value of Biotech Tire Recycling Inc. Let us do this together...!


Biotech Tire Recycling is a disruptive 100% biofriendly tire recycling process designed to use less energy to cleanly recycle tires into one hundred percent tire composites for reuse in the manufacturing of new products. Biotech Tire Recycling aims to specialize in clean recovery of tire composites; and to produce premium quality crumb rubber and, rubber powder to supply industries manufacturing high value rubber and rubber related products. Especially important:  The process uses far less energy and releases no contaminants into the groundwater or the air.


The Global Tire recycling market was US$1.95 BN in 2016; it is now projected to reach ~US$6 BN by 2027. Biotech Tire Recycling revenues are projected to generate $2.50/tire from the collection of waste tires, and $14.00/tire from sales of composites. So, $2.50/tire + composite sales of $14.00/tire equal $16.50/tire x 1.2m tires (production capacity) = $19.8m in annual revenues.


The success of this project will produce far reaching environmental benefits to the public…  Eliminating pollution and public health hazards caused from discarded waste tires in landfills and waterways, by: Cleanly recycling tires into 100% tire composites for reuse in the manufacturing of new products, without polluting the groundwater or the air; and Supplementing the demand for latex rubber, traditionally extracted, from tropical plants. If you agree that this business model will be sustainable, repetitive, scalable, and profitable?  Join me.  

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