Public Relations Announcement Pending Fund Raise of Approximately USD$16,000,000 for the 100% Biofriendly Tire Recycling Project to be built in the Pittsburgh Region of Pennsylvania.

The Founders of Biotech Tire Recycling Inc. a 100% biofriendly tire recycling project are happy to announce that an [undisclosed] private equity firm has committed to fund the project to a sum of approximately USD $16,000,000 (sixteen million dollars. In their communication preceding the commitment letter the firm expressed that the Biotech Tire Recycling proposal "was by far the best and most economical of all those we received".

The Founders have accepted the terms of the commitment letter and are now awaiting the preparation of the legal supporting documents for review and signing.

Modern Business Woman

Biotech Tire Recycling Inc. has adopted a cradle-to-cradle Business concept. Rubber comes from the sap (latex) of tropical plants. The supply is limited, and the demand is global. In our daily lives we use rubber in a variety way, in addition to manufacturing tires, we use it in our homes, clothing, furniture, medical applications, automotive and aviation industries, and so on.  Imagine, the abundant use of rubber in our daily lives drives the demand for rubber… then Consider the advantages Biotech Tire Recycling brings to market:

  • Clean recycling of tires into 100% tire composites for reuse in the manufacturing of new products, without polluting the groundwater or the air.

  • Supplements the demand for pure rubber from the sap of tropical plants.

  • 35 plus good paying jobs with each Plant.

Would you agree that this business model will be sustainable, repetitive, scalable, and profitable?  Join me by investing?... Let's do this together...!