Biotech Tire Recycling Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA 4/19/2021 - We are excited to announce the launch of our fundraising campaign. 

Biotech Tire Recycling is a "Patent Protected” 100% biofriendly tire recycling process designed to cleanly recycle 100% tire composites for reuse in manufacturing new products. It is a $16,000,000 project to be built in the Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania. Biotech will provide 35 good paying jobs with benefits. Fundraising objectives and purpose are:

  • First round raise is to meet immediate milestones including: soft cost, permits, engineering and environmental reports, feasibility report, Property acquisition, and criteria for…

  • Second round raise of $11,000,000 municipal bond (debt equity) for the acquisition of machinery systems and equipment purchase, working Capital and reserves.

  • Will you join me, Let's do this together...!

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Click for an overview of what makes Biotech Tire Recycling an innovative biofriendly process that leaves no contaminants to seep into the groundwater or the air. Biotech Tire Recycling business model is responsive to climate change.  Will you join me?  let us do this together...!